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Wands  by   Greggarian



Apprentice to Master Wand Creator  Mykew  Gregorovich 

Your Custom Crafted Wand of the

Wood Type and Size revealed to you on

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7 Galleons  ($35)

5 Galleons    ($30)

  4 Galleons  ($25)

    Wizards Eye                .410 Brass Tip                    Magi   

* Ask About *

the "Kitty Whisker" Core Wand

Exclusively in the  


line of Wands

Examples of
Examples of

.410 ~ Magi ~ Wizards Eye

Example of
Example of

Tagua Nut Heel & Tip

Wizards Eye Wand
Wizards Eye Wand

Examples of
Examples of

.410 ~ Magi ~ Wizards Eye


Skillfully  Crafted  from 8" ~ 16"

Dark or Light Mahogany




Custom Exotic Wood


Choice of Bone, Tagua Nut or Plain Tip


Each Wand is Finished with 

Carnuba Wax then

Hand Polished to a High Sheen.



 Special Edition:

Monarch of the Glen

Deer antler rosettes and tips to adorn the ends of a custom designed exotic wood wand, these are truly one of a kind.  Pictured are the currently available selections. 

More coming.

~ Your Choice ~

7 Galleons,

15 Sickles,     

24 Knuts 

=  $35

Shipped in the Continental US

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Monarch of the Glen group.JPG

The  Memorial  Wand

A touching keepsake of your loved one, be they 2 legged  4 legged, fish or fowl.  The Greggarian Memorial Wand is crafted to honor the time you spent with them creating magical memories. 

Crafted from sweet Spruce Pine, each Wand is approximately 10"x 5/8" however it can be crafted to your desires or needs.

A resin window holds a whisker, claw, feather or other small bit of your loved one giving this Wand it's core features.  Truly a one of a kind Memorial. 

In addition to the Custom Styling it will have the name, date(s) & of your loved one wood burned on the shaft or handle.

3 Galleons,

10 Sickles,

=  $25

Shipped in the Continental US

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Spiritus Dictum Pendulum

    Individually Crafted from Tagua Nut,

the Ivory Plant of Ecuador,


   Each Tagua Nut derives its ivory color and distinctive markings as it grows.  Their uniqueness is revealed only in carving and polishing, just like the diamond cutting process.  As with all natural materials, the inclusions make each Spiritus Dictum Pendulum a one of a kind, heirloom quality tool for your Mystic experiments.

   Carefully store your pendulum when not in use.

   Each Pendulum comes in a velvet pouch, with a COA, Pendulum Chart and instructions.

Screenshot_2021-03-20 526c17_507f5840df9
Screenshot_2021-03-20 526c17_507f5840df9


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Photos are examples.  PK Style + $5.00


Spiritus Dictum Slates

Measurement = Slate Surface

Custom Slate Surfaces Possible From  7x10  to  1x1

Non Locking  ~  Non Magnetic

Real Slate Framed in

Red Mahogany

Dark Mahogany


Stained Pine

6x8 $50 Includes Shipping

in the USA

7x10 $60 Includes Shipping

in the USA

4x6 $40 Includes Shipping

in the USA

For the Beginner



SlateCraft PDF

2 1/2 x 3 1/2

Pocket Slates $30 Pine Only/ Includes Shipping

in the USA


Spiritus Dictum Goblet

Shipped in the USA

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Spindel and Glass are Examples. 

Photos of your props will be emailed for your approval before shipping.


The Elegant Way for the Spirits to Speak at

Your Next Seance.

   A 24% Lead Crystal Tone Goblet is Suspended from a  Custom Crafted Spindel by a Thread.  The Sitter asks a Question.  The Spirits Answer  in the Traditional 1 - 2  or 3 Tones.

Can be used with Other Spiritus Dictum Artifacts or Stands by it Self.


Includes Lined Custom Wood Box

Tone Tested Goblet,    Custom Spindle,     2 Extra Lengths of Thread.


Determine Fact from Fiction.

Hold the Lamp flat in your hand. 

Bring it near to the object or person. 

If it Lights up the Fact is Proven.

Hidden or Chosen Objects are Found. 

Lies are Revealed.

Who is Naughty or Who is Nice? 

Crafted from Birdseye Maple and Brass the

Lamp of Truth is compact, light weight and portable. 

Ready at an Instant to Illuminate the Truth.

Includes custom wood case.

Lamp  of  Truth



EIG 1903


EIG 1909


Oss E. Mosis' Spirit Lamp

1903. The “spiritualist” movement was in full swing around the world. Oss Elias Mosis studied the presentations of these mediums and their devices for producing psychic phenomenon. One of his greatest interests was the Spirit Lamp. 

     Ossie started experimenting in 1903 with different devices of different shapes, believing it may have a relationship with quality & duration of contact with the spirit world by better “tuning in”.

    Handcrafting the single pole single throw switch from brass as well as the cradle for the power source, he devised a simple electrical circuit that when completed by the other worldly participant, 

communication was established. One flash for “YES” & Two for “NO”.

   He called it The Electro-Illuminarygraph.   

   Pete inherited Uncle Ossie’s notes and equipment at Ossie's passing in 1977, age 102. The Electro~Illuminarygraph is now offered to others interested in conducting their own experiments in the psychic arena, with a re-creation of the same device Ossie developed and experimented with.


Shipped in the Continental US

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Kadar's Kabinet

In Collaboration with Christopher Gould of Alchemy Moon

Spiritus Dictum Presents

Kadar's Kabinet

Inspired by the Original Kadar Reading System

 Kadar's Kabinet is the Versatile & Portable way to Perform Readings


Whether in large groups or one on one the Kabinet can provide inspiration for quick "Fortune Cookie" readings or as in depth as you want to take the sitter.

With a quick spin of the Kabinet, the Fates start the Journey of inspired information by selecting which of the Cadre wants to share their knowledge.  

~ Comes with Kabinet Hand Crafted from choice Polished Hard Woods & Brass Accents on a spinning base, it is an Heirloom Quality device that is a feast for the eye as well as the Psyche.

~ Certificate of Authenticity.

~ CD with full Instructions written by Christopher Gould, PDF to print out your choice of specialized Affirmations, General Fortunes, Proverbs, and Answers to Questions for each of the Cadre.

~ One Hour of Start Up assistance by online video or phone with

Kabinet Creator Pete McMillan


Free Shipping in the USA

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Kadar dark Kabinet.jpg

The Perfect Companion to the Original Kadar Reading System available at


Magic Cafe Review of Kadar's Kabinet



Increase Your Show Profits with Back Of Room Sales

     Perfect for BoR sales or Giveaways

                     Pendulums and Chart Kit

12 stone bob pendulums with chain suspension and various Fobs.  Each sealed in plastic bag .  Examples show possible combinations depending on supplyers inventory. 


 Use Pendulum Chart as event ticket with chart on one side and booking information on the back side for instant advertising.




Pendulum Chart PDF Download

Click on Image

Bead Fob Style 

Shipped in the Continental US

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Shell and Metal Fob Style 

Shipped in the Continental US

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The Spiritus Dictum Guide to

Gem Stones and Their Meaning


101page PDF dedicated to the concise description of Semi-Precious gem stones, where they are found, what their relationship is to the human Chi & Chakra.  How they may aid in the positive development of individual character.  Arranged alphabetically for quick indexing.

A must for all amateur and professional Intuitive Mystics & Psychic Readers!